Swimming in Squash

October 19, 2009 at 9:54 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

We go through a lot of squash! I mean a lot! I don’t want my boys to be deprived of carbs.  And squashcarbohydrates are  a little tougher to get come by on this diet. Well unless you eat a ton of sugary fruit! My favorite squash is butternut. I make everything from “pumpkin” pies to bacon apple roasted squash soup with it. This amazing food contains an array of healthy benefits such as beta-carotene (which your body automatically converts to vitamin A), significant amounts of potassium, B6 and just one cup gets you nearly half the daily recommendation of vitamin C.

So you want to go and try it right?    But here’s the problem…they are really expensive! I saw them at the store yesterday for $.80 lbs! That would really add up at our house. So I had to think of a solution or sell our car (insert chuckle here)..So I got on our local Craigslist and posted an ad basically stating that I needed quite a bit and the price we could pay. Let’s just say it worked out great! I picked up about 95 squash for $70! I plan on dipping them in a mild bleach solution, curing them  and storing them all through the winter. Needless to say I’m happy thrilled.

Directions to cure them can be found all over the internet just search curing winter squash. Good luck and hurry! I’ll post recipes to use them up soon.



  1. Sierra said,

    Wow, what a great idea to cure squash. If you find a way that works well for you will you post it? We love squash too and I’d love to stock up.

    • christinb said,

      I’ll let you know how it goes! I’ve heard time and time again of people eating these all year long after curing them. I’m going to do a bleach/water rinse (1 to 10 ratio) and place them in a separate room with a small humidifier and compact space heater on really low(trying to shoot for 80 degrees for 10 days). Then throw them in my basement on wire shelves and hoping for the best. It seems like alot of work but well worth the effort in my opinion. I think all good food takes a little more time and I enjoy it. Go Slow Food!

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